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GIS plays an essential role in planning, implementing and managing renewable energy projects. Smart geodata enables informed decision-making, improves efficiency and helps transition to more sustainable energy sources.

What Geo Solutions can do for you

Geographic information systems (GIS) play a crucial role in the energy sector, especially in the context of renewable energy.

Site analysis for renewable energy sources

Identify the most suitable locations for renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower. Factors such as sunshine hours, wind patterns, geothermal heat sources and hydrological conditions help identify optimal locations for renewable energy project development.

Spatial planning and site selection

Using GIS software, conduct detailed spatial analyses to determine where energy installations should be located.

Network Management

Optimize power grid management, especially when integrating renewable energy sources such as solar and wind farms. GIS helps plan infrastructure for the transmission and distribution of renewable energy to consumers.

Stakeholder Communication

Go for transparency and broad engagement. GIS maps and visualizations are effective tools to inform and engage stakeholders, including government agencies, communities and investors, in renewable energy projects.

Operational management and maintenance

Once operational, GIS systems play a role in the daily management of energy installations. For example, a complete digital twin can be prepared of the installations so that maintenance monitoring can be done efficiently.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Evaluate the environmental impacts of renewable energy projects, including impacts on ecosystems, water resources and air quality. This is critical to ensure sustainable practices.

Regulation and compliance

Ensure compliance with legal rules and regulations, such as environmental impact reporting and property rights. Everything becomes easier thanks to GIS data management and analysis.

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