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GeoICT Architecture

Geo Solutions gives you the IT architecture that fits your needs. Think of it as a building plan that allows you to keep track of the IT landscape and geo-information that makes your organization run. Moreover, we are not stuck with one software or technology or another. Although we know the market like the back of our hand. Neutral advice is the best advice.

No infrastructure plan is ever the same

Because an architecture always serves a specific purpose. Geo Solutions continually redraws that architecture for your purpose. For example, comparing solutions or scenarios, creating insight into (new) integrations in the IT landscape, communicating an optimization, …

What about the geo-architecture within your company?

We guide you

A guide shows the way, but don’t go alone. Together we define and implement the strategy to get the most out of your geospatial data. Guiding is what drives us.

We build bridges

Between business and IT. Between management and end users. Between GIS and other business systems. The days of GIS as an island are over. Integration is in our DNA.

We are independent

We are not a producer of proprietary software or technology. And therefore completely free to advise you what you really need.

Want to collaborate with our geo-architects?

So what makes our geo-architects different? Knowledge? Ability to integrate knowledge into your processes and systems? Or is it the drive to go for quality? Well, we are outstanding in all three. The most special thing is our neutrality. Our experts are independent of software or technology vendors. We have no advantage in putting one solution or the other into your building plan. So you get the advice you really need.

Discuss your project together?

Wondering what the power of location data can do for your business? Feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation, we’d be happy to help.