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Nature & environment

What if we use GIS technology for forest management, wildlife management and hunting grounds, managing and visualizing territories,… ? Then we gain better insights and can create useful tools in which the end user has faster access to data and information and processes are optimized.

What Geo Solutions can do for you

Do you want to better understand ecological processes, biodiversity conservation, forest areas, habitats, physical properties of certain land areas, … ? Using GIS, we can map nature, including extensive details.

Visualizing territories

GIS technology plays an essential role in territory management and planning. It allows us to analyze and visualize spatial data, giving us a better understanding of the physical properties of an area and the interaction between different elements. For example, we can map cadastral data such as parcel boundaries, ownership information and land use.

We can also use GIS to analyze demographic data, such as population density, age distribution and migration patterns. This provides insight into social and economic aspects of an area, simplifying decisions about infrastructure, public facilities and community development.

GIS is also used to manage natural resources and identify sensitive areas such as protected natural areas, water resources or sensitive landscapes.

Identifying needs in forest management

GIS helps forest managers plan logging activities, assess forest health and identify areas in need of additional protection.

We can also use GIS to map ecological corridors and habitats, taking into account the needs of different plant and animal species. This contributes to the development of nature conservation and the preservation of biodiversity.

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