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Asset management

Asset management and GIS go hand in hand and form a powerful combination. Especially for companies with physical assets such as infrastructure, buildings, utilities transportation networks and other assets. Geo Solutions can help you with efficient asset management.

What Geo Solutions can do for you

Does your company need a detailed list of all assets, both physical and digital, owned by the organization? Are you responsible for planning and performing maintenance and repair work to keep assets in good condition? What about managing financial resources to acquire, operate, maintain and replace assets? Or should you identify risks associated with the assets, such as operational failures, impairment and liability. In all these tasks, we can help you thanks to our integrated technology.

Visualization assets

GIS plays an essential role in optimizing asset management, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Using GIS, assets can be displayed on a map, providing a visual overview of their location, characteristics and interrelationships. This helps in understanding the spatial context and making informed and data-driven decisions in asset management.

Moreover, GIS can be integrated with other systems, such as databases and real-time sensors, to provide an integrated and up-to-date view of all assets and their properties.

  • GIS integrates spatial data (maps, locations, coordinates) with asset information. This makes it possible to display assets on a map and manage their location.
  • Location intelligence allows organizations to understand how asset location affects operational decisions. This includes things like optimal locations for new assets, planning maintenance routes and identifying risks in specific areas.
  • GIS provides tools for geospatial analysis that allow organizations to understand spatial patterns and trends affecting assets.
  • Using GPS and sensor technologies, organizations can track and monitor the location and status of assets in real time through GIS. This is especially important for transportation and logistics.

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