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About us

We are a GEO-ICT team, all passionate about geodata and software technology!

The greatest common denominator of our challenges is location. Each phenomenon has its own context or environment. Geographical knowledge and insights are therefore indispensable:

  • to respond as an organization to this evolving world.
  • to contribute to a better society.
  • and for more agility and future-proofing.
  • To become more efficient and grow.

We enjoy working on topics such as telecom, water, nature, utilities, mobility, industry, housing and building management, construction, retail, …

From that vision, Rombout Verwimp started GEO Solutions in 2007, as part of a larger ecosystem of location-driven companies.

Our mission? Getting people to work with location, with GIS & IT applications that leverage geo to really make your organization and environment smarter and more powerful. We ensure that the power of location strengthens any organization.

Ready to take your business and our planet to the next level?

Our values

Creating a future-proof organization and society? Of course, we like to put our money and data where our mouth is. GEO Solutions is a values-driven organization. We always put some values first in our operation.


We make time with our clients to come to a solution. In doing so, we always strive for quality but also realistic expectations. Our team is driven by knowledge and new experiences. This allows us to better inform our decisions. Clear agreements make us happy.


Empathy is at the heart of everything we do. That translates into respect for both our employees and customers. We do not do back rooms, cumbersome communication and show understanding of everyone’s needs, time and background.

Alone you go fast, together you get further. In the GEO Solutions ecosystem, we are open to knowledge, ideas and innovation. So that we achieve the best results every time. So that working together works.


We listen to demand and respond flexibly. We (re)recognize when change is needed and take the initiative to do so.

We actively contribute to the outcome. A task for development or an entire project, we enjoy doing our part and helping customers.

We also find it pleasurable. “Sometimes pressure and sometimes the pressure off!”

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