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Technology brings
location to life

Technology helps us bring location to life with our clients. By integrating location into our clients’ technology, we ensure that they:

  • Are able to share information about a location
  • Are able to collaborate around a location
  • Are able to make decisions about a location

The strength of our company

We have accumulated extensive experience around GIS technology and IT over the years. Spurred by the growing interest in Digital Twins, we have added BIM and IoT knowledge.

So we not only take care of your GIS technology but also integrate location data into a wide rangeof solutions.

Open Source GIS

Open source GIS technology has gained maturity over the years. It is much more than an alternative to COTS and a set of technology that has long taken its place in the IT landscape.

We help our customers set up and configure their open source GIS so they can use it to support their daily operations.

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As an official partner of ESRI – the global leader in GIS – we are fully up-to-date and make full use of this Enterprise software. The ESRI product family offers a wide range of capabilities. From ArcGIS Pro on the desktop to ArcGIS online in the cloud.

We offer full cycle support for rollout in your organization. We like to combine ESRI’s strengths and deploy the right components tailored to your project.


Swedish firm Hexagon has assembled a nice portfolio of GIS technology over the years.

That technically provides a lot of new possibilities.
From remote sensing tools, to asset management, mapping and specific business tools, Hexagon offers a unique combination of capabilities across the board.

Proprietary technology

Geo Solutions also has its own turnkey solutions. These solutions have grown out of our broad experience and are constantly used within our assignments. So they really add value for a lot of customers. Within the set of solutions, you can find concrete services as well as building blocks to shape your own applications faster.

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Build & run

Guidance throughout the development cycle

GIS technology no longer stands alone. We connect our customers’ existing IT landscape with their GIS. We also deploy traditional IT components whenever possible in the realization of our solutions.

You can turn to GEO Solutions for guidance throughout the development cycle. Do you desire part of the cycle, or the whole? Anything is possible.


Geo Solutions collaborates with

Silver Partnership with ESRI
Partnership with
GeoSolutions Group
Partnership with DatuMate

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