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Geo Solutions aims to increase sustainability in agriculture. Future-proof ecological processes and economic efficiency, that’s what we’re going for. GIS technology allows us to optimize agricultural operations and provide more insights to the end user.

What Geo Solutions can do for you

GIS enables farmers and agronomists to analyze and use spatial data to optimize their farming operations and promote sustainable management. Thus, Geo Solutions builds solutions with the latest technologies but also tailored to the needs of end users.

Soil conditions

GIS can be applied in different ways in the agricultural sector. For example, we can map the soil conditions of their farmland, including properties such as texture, moisture and organic matter. By combining this data with other information, such as crop needs and weather forecasts, farmers can make personalized and data-driven decisions about irrigation, fertilization and crop rotation.

Pests and diseases

GIS can be used to map pests and diseases and predict their spread. This helps farmers implement targeted and integrated pest management measures, allowing them to increase yields and reduce pesticide use.

Land use planning

By considering factors such as soil quality, topography and water resource availability, farmers and policy makers can develop strategies for sustainable land use, conservation of natural resources and minimizing negative environmental impacts.

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